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Francisco Allendes & Paola Poletto are the new, fresh and sparkling Duo hailing from Ibiza, with their Aurora Indigo Stu- dio being located in the middle of the magical hills of the balearic island. Their music is the synergy of Francisco’s martian organic beats and Paola’ s rough sexy grooves.
Francisco Allendes, born in Iquique, Chile, was introduced to the world of music at the early age of nine when his parents gave him a violin for Christmas. After eight years of classical training and performing with chamber orchestras and folkloric bands, at the age of seventeen, Francisco discovered Progressive Rock and the sound of the synthesizers. This first contact to electronic instruments opened the door to a new world and encouraged him to experiment with sounds.

Becoming a DJ was the next obvious step for him. His first productions already beared fruits and resulted in significant performances at Love Parade Chile, Creamfields and Love Parade Berlin. In 2007 he founded Andes Music, first vinyl and digital record label based in Chile, in order to promote upcoming South American artists. During 2009 and 2010 Allen- des‘ sound and style is evident in epic tracks like “Llovizna”, “El Grillo, el Indio y el Robot” and “El Ladron de Mails” and finally he was recruited by one of the world’s leading club labels, Cadenza Recordings. “Esa Nena Quiere”, the following appearance on Steve Lawler’s VIVa Music, has been heavily supported by international key players such as Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos or Josh Wink.

Paola Poletto, born in Turin, Italy, began her career as a DJ at the young age of 15, after 13 years of professional ballet dancing.
After living in New York, where she has been adopted by the “Nuyorican” Old Skool scene and London and being inspired by Paul “Trouble” Anderson, she was invited to Ibiza to become a resident at the “Made in Italy” parties at Pacha and Space. This great feat gave her the accolade of the “first female DJ ever to perform at Pacha.” Since, Paola has become a regular on the Island. Few years later it took her to Milan, where she became resident Dj of the most important parties of northern Italy “The Base” and “Colazione da Tiffany”, followed by her first record being released on Roger Sanchez’ label Rsenal in 2000.

Throughout the past 20 years of touring she performed alongside the planet’s most popular DJs in locations that inclu-
de Europe, the States, South America and parts of Asia. Billboard Magazine, the industry’s most important publication, invited her on several occasions to represent Italy at the Billboard New York Convention. Since 1998, she has performed regularly in Miami at the Winter Music Conference. In 2008 she graduated in sound engineering at APM The Sound Engineering College. With 15 years of experience in Ibiza, Paola has played everywhere: Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, Space, Ushuaia and for the best parties ever: Manumission, MTV Festivals, Carry On, Ovum alongside Josh Wink, Amnesia after Party alongside Locodice and Marco Carola, Kehakuma, Space Opening Party, We Love Sundays at Space.

It was in 2009 that Francisco and Paola met in New York while touring. Both felt a strong connection from the very first moment and decided to continue working and performing as one team. Francisco left his home Santiago de Chile and mo- ved to the place he always dreamt to be a part of: Ibiza. Just a year later the duo got their first residency at Ushuaia Beach Club and started touring with their “back to back” set. Additionally Francisco became the opening DJ for the Cocoon after parties and the year after resident DJ of Cocoon Heroes in Formentera. Besides that he kept producing for Cadenza, with his track “Tiago” together with Yaya being released February 2012. Paola in the meantime was performing at the worldwide renowned opening at Space, Kehakuma and We love Sundays at Space.

While living in Ibiza, Francisco and Paola started working in the studio. Their first collaboration “Chicken From Cosmo” has been signed by Loco Dice for Desolat, along with a few more tracks by the duo, including their beloved “Ralf The Dog”. VIVa Music signed further two tracks of them, Indigo Ep, remixed by their friends Sis and Hector while Orion Muzik commissioned them to remix “Smell of the city” sung by The American singer Gretchen Rhodes.

In 2012 they started their own label Aurora Indigo — named after Indigo, the colour of the transmutation and new young generation and the year 2012 meaning a beginning of a new era: the aurora of the universe. First release “Teorema EP” is produced by Francisco Allendes and Felipe Venegas and gained immediate support by the likes of Loco Dice, Marco Caro- la, Luciano, Davide Squillace, Matthias Kaden, Michel Cleis and Nick Curly to name a few.

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