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Monoloc is a techno fanatic. Ever since he made the transition from rock and heavy metal to electronic music as a teenager, the Frankfurt-born artist has dedicated his life to the dance floor. His bolshie yet sleek take on techno has earned him a global following and the reputation to boot. Today he resides in Berlin, a city famous for bringing the best out of its artists. Since moving there, Monoloc has never felt, or sounded, in better shape.

He spent most of his twenties juggling music and his other passion, cooking, buying records and DJing minor gigs for friends in bars and at private parties. In 2002 he moved into production. 12 months later, having outgrown his home set-up, he rented out a local studio, where he became close with the CLR crew. By the end of 2008, he’d put out his first two releases, and by 2010 his relationship with CLR had started to grow. In the following years, he’d put out six EPs via the label, including hit records “Try,” “Things” and “It’s Mine,” tour the world over and release Drift, his textured debut album.

But CLR is just the introduction to Monoloc’s story. In 2014, tired of Frankfurt and its familiar shops and streets, he upped and settled in Berlin. Resisting the capital’s infamous party scene, Monoloc threw himself head-first into making music, allowing creative ideas to flourish and cement themselves. It is here, working all hours of the day, that he’s been able to move his once staunch techno sound in a new, more melodic direction.

In 2015, the results of all his hard work are starting to pay off. Signed to Artist-Alife, Monoloc has a new single out on Innervisions, which is featured on their Secret Weapons EP as well as upcoming releases on Life & Death.  He currently sits somewhere between techno and house, nurturing a sound that is as driving, groovy and low-slung as ever, but with greater emotional range. Gigging more now than ever before and making music for himself first and the rest of the world second, Monoloc has never felt freer to explore and experiment within his craft.

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