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Sergie Rezza is the new project of Romain Poncet and Dj Deep.

It is an « open minded » Musical experimentation, where Soul meets Industrial, New Wave meets House and Techno, Hip Hop meets Rock etc…

In Deep’s words there was a “magical spark” between Romain and him, when, after releasing the “Opening Moment ep” on Deeply Rooted, they both decided to meet in Romain’s studio.
As Dj Deep puts it: “There is something that matches perfectly between Romain’s unique energy, enthusiasm and ability to focus and develop his craft of making Music and the passion I have for Music in its various forms and concepts. I try and come with various ideas and inspirations, and we sort of put them all together in the Studio and see what the result comes to. »

In Romain Poncet’s words: « It ends up being very different from what we would individually produce.
We experimented on sounds quite a lot. It feels like we found our own path in using sounds in a very specific way and playing with textures and feelings. »

Both consider they sometimes find themselves « surprised » with some results of their work , not always expecting the sounds or directions the Music ends up going, they claim it is what they really love about Sergie Rezza’s project « it sometimes gets « out of our hands » in a calculated way and sometimes in a random way »!

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