CHRIS LIEBING Talked About #cycle2ADE With IDM Mag

CHRIS LIEBING talked to IDM Mag about the charity event he is a part of, organized by Resident Advisor at the long awaited yearly Amsterdam Dance Event, the meaning behind his label, CLR, and how music can change the world.

“With Amsterdam Dance Event on the horizon  the conference will be the final destination of Resident Advisor’s #cycle2ADE charity challenge which aims to raise £100,000 to build a music school in Langa, Cape Town. The RA staff team will be joined on a 4-day, 300 mile adventure by an impressive list of industry leaders and artists including Luciano, Midland, Uner, South African Esa Williams and German techno titan Chris Liebing.” (IDM Mag)

I think that not only music teaches you about life, I think that anything you do, anything you create teaches you something, it teaches you to create new things and that teaches you even more, so it’s a constant process of learning and realizing. This is what we are involved in, and I think music is an amazing way to be in this constant loop of creating, learning and realizing. (C.L.)

Chris Liebing donated for the cause his personal and hand-signed Native Instruments Machine, Traktor Kontrol S4, Traktor Kontrol X1, and Komplete 9 and the items were submitted in a competition anyone could’ve enter by donating €10 or more.

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