Artist Alife Agency

With new opportunities and a strong foundation from the past, Artist Alife Agency opens a whole new chapter by establishing a collective of the most respected booking agents in the industry. By uniting these forces under one roof, Artist Alife Agency becomes fully independent.

With its base in Berlin, Artist Alife Agency reaches worldwide with its lifelong passion and drive to challenge the boundaries of electronic music that has established the company as a fresh and innovative force in the scene.

The Agency’s relationships nurtured over many years is a quintessential and highly-valued asset that maintains a strong connection with the scene.  With a streamlined approach to booking, the team has helped to ignite careers and take them to great heights all the while maintaining artistic integrity throughout the development of their careers.  As efficiency, experience, and ironclad commitment are the cornerstones of Artist Alife Agency’s structure, it has uniquely positioned itself as an outfit that is dedicated to bringing the best artists to the best events worldwide.

Centered in its very own niche, Artist Alife Agency brings unrivaled qualities forward to connect like-minded music aficionados with the variety of talent in their arsenal – something Artist Alife Agency affirms to do well into the future.

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